Eyeglass Ministry

This ministry provides eyeglasses at a cost of $5 per pair to people who may not otherwise have access to opportunities for improved vision. The glasses themselves are provided through Vision Now!, an organization which offers vision correction to people around the world. You can read more about its mission at now4life.org.

Eyeglass MinistryEyeglass Ministry volunteers have provided this gift of vision at our partner church, Reformation Lutheran; at our own Gathering Meal at Mount Carmel; and at Tosa Cares. We are also looking for new partners and new ways to assist those who need glasses.  Our Sunday School is planning a fundraiser that would allow us to purchase an additional kit of frames and lenses specifically for children, so that we can serve even more people.

We travel to these places, administer a simple vision test to those who are interested, and create a pair of glasses on the spot. The new glasses are fitted for the needs of each individual eye – unlike many of the “readers” available at local drugstores. In fact, vision correction can be provided for people who are either far-sighted or near-sighted.

While many of us who wear glasses or contacts may take for granted the impact of clear sight, we are hearing powerful stories about the life-changing effects that can come with a five dollar pair of glasses. Imagine not being nearly as frightened to drive because now you can read street signs, or to move around after dark because now you can see things you didn’t see before. Imagine being able to apply for employment more confidently because now you can actually read the application. Imagine being able to effortlessly read stories to your grandkids or easily watch your own kids play in the yard. Imagine being the woman who apologetically returned to one eye screening event asking to buy a second pair, assuring those in charge that she’d not been at all careless with her new glasses. It was just that she’d been beaten by her former boyfriend and, in the process, her eyeglasses had been destroyed. Imagine the fresh eyes that might be received through those new glasses.

Imagine still the opportunities for us to see Jesus and for others to see Jesus in us through the dignity and care extended by something as simple as a pair of eyeglasses. If you are interested, talk with Pastor Pam and keep your own eyes open for opportunities to serve as a part of this outreach. No special skills are needed, and we offer on-the-job training!