Fair Trade Center

Mount Carmel’s Fair Trade Center, located right outside Fellowship Hall, offers fair trade coffee and many other fair trade and organic goods each Sunday morning between worship services during the school year. During the summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend), it is open after 9 a.m. worship on the last Sunday of each month.

Why buy from the Fair Trade Center? Mount Carmel’s Fair Trade Center is about building relationships around the world with a great cup of Mt. Meru coffee and more.

The Diocese of Meru and the Greater Milwaukee Synod were joined in a global, faith-based partnership. The Mt. Meru Coffee Project was organized to create a justice-based relationship between coffee farmers in Tanzania and coffee consumers like you and me. Currently close to 2,000 small farmers are benefiting.

Your purchase promotes fair trade, fair prices, and social and economic justice, and it sets an example of social responsibility.

Social justice is being achieved as farm families have the funds available to support their families with dignity, send children to school, access and pay for health care, sustain and improve their farms, and have the funds needed to support other local projects.  Your purchase of fair trade items allows farmers to sell their product directly to people who have promised them a fair market value instead of middle men who would often take most or all of their profit, leaving them trapped in poverty despite their hard work.

What else is available at the Fair Trade Center?

Organic Tea: Our delicious fair trade and organic teas come from small farmers in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Delicious Chocolate: The Lutheran World Relief Chocolate Project delivers high-quality fair trade chocolate directly from the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmer’s association in Ghana. “Kuapa Kokoo” means “good cocoa farmers.” Their motto is “Pa Pa Paa” which means “the best of the best.”

Other items sold at the Fair Trade Center include dried fruit and nuts; hot chocolate from the Dominican Republic; bottled honey benefiting Reformation Lutheran Church, our partner congregation; Packer ankle bracelets from the Philippines; cookbooks/songbooks; seasonal and special items; jewelry; and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Holy Grounds Café coffee mugs are also available, with proceeds benefiting our neighbors through Lutheran World Relief.

Stop by and pick up some coffee, chocolates or other fair trade products. As our partners at the Mt. Meru Coffee Project say, “Doing justice never tasted so good!”