This gift or glorified talent will allow you to put your thoughts and ideas into words that will be meaningful and relevant to those who read them. As they read, people will find guidance, knowledge, courage, or edification.

Scriptural References: Psalm 45:1, Philippians 3:1, Jude 3

People with this gift:

  • can easily formulate their thoughts and ideas into effective written forms.
  • have skill with words.
  • can compose articles for newspapers, newsletters, etc., in an efficient and meaningful way.
  • feel secure in the fact that the words they write is of benefit to those who read them.
  • have been told that others have been helped and encouraged by their writing.

A person with this gift is usually:

  • Creative
  • Articulate
  • Organized
  • Learned
  • Sensitive
  • Confident
  • Practical
  • Challenging

Examples of Ministry Opportunities:

Newsletter writing, publicity, letter writing, card writing, seasonal devotionals, writing for website or Facebook

This gift belongs to the category ART. You may find it useful to get information on other gifts in this category: Craftsmanship – Arts and Crafts, Craftsmanship – Manual, Music – Vocal, Music – Instrumental.

Cautions for people with this gift: remembering that it is God’s message, not theirs; being proud.