Small Group Ministry

Small groups at Mount Carmel are called ROCK Groups. ROCK stands for Relationships that Open up Christ’s Kingdom. It’s not a program, but rather a new way of being church together. We believe that being church in this way will open up all kinds of new possibilities and new growth opportunities in our congregation and community. Here are come common questions about our small group ministry.

Why small groups?

Jesus conducted his ministry in a small group. In addition to worshiping in a large group, the early church met regularly in small groups. In fact, in the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – you might say God exists as a small group. The “one anothering” verses in the Bible encourage Christians to minister to one another in small groups: love one another, encourage one another, build up one another, pray for one another (and more)!

Why now? Why at Mount Carmel?

As a large congregation, we have reached the point at which growth becomes difficult if we are not ministering to one another. One, even two, pastors cannot care for everyone on their own. Small groups encourage us to care for one another and reach out to neighbors – especially those neighbors who might be nervous about attending church but glad to receive an invitation to your home!

Who should join a ROCK Group?

We hope and pray that every adult in the congregation will consider joining a ROCK Group as a way to build relationships with your brothers and sisters at Mount Carmel and build your faith. Are you a parent, grandparent, or godparent, an aunt or uncle? This is a great way to model living your faith for the young people in your life. Are you single, new to the congregation, or far from family? This is a great way to develop new relationships with the family of God here at Mount Carmel. Do you want to introduce a friend or neighbor to Mount Carmel? This is a great way to do that. Join a group together!

How do ROCK Groups work?

We have had two congregation-wide studies, in the spring and fall of 2016. Groups of about 10 people met in homes and at other locations at a variety of times, on a variety of different days. Groups learn together, care for one another, pray together, and serve together. Some groups have continued to meet for Bible study or service; others are waiting for our next congregation-wide study. Each group will always have an “open chair.” If a group doesn’t work out for you, or your schedule changes, you are welcome to contact our ROCK Groups coordinator, Jaime Larson-McLoone, for information about other groups. Or maybe you will feel called to start your own group. Our small-groups ministry has a team of volunteers – our Admin Team – ready to help you!

How do I find more information?

Please contact Jaime Larson-McLoone, Director of Ministry Development and Communications – and our ROCK Groups coordinator – at 414-771-1270, ext. 26, or