Youth Choirs (Grades 3-12)

Mount Carmel has two youth choirs, under the direction of Jess Heiser-Erjavec:

JAM Choir

The JAM (Jesus and Me) Choir, for grades 3-7, rehearses every Sunday during the Sunday School year from 10:35-11:10 a.m. in the Sunday School Music Room. The choir sings during select Sunday services. The choir primarily sings choral music but also incorporates world music and instruments.

WOW Group

The WOW (Wonders of Worship) Group, for grades 8-12, rehearses monthly. This group performs during select Sunday services, incorporating vocal performances, drum circles, and dance. For more information about the rehearsal schedule, go to

Both groups are open to all students, regardless of church membership or church attendance. If you have questions about the choirs, please contact Jess.

These choirs draw our youth together to grow in music, faith, and friendship with one another. In worship, the choirs bring the congregation a spirit-filled gospel message through music! Mount Carmel youth and their friends are welcome to join the choir at any time!

Youth Choir members – and prospective members – can find more information and resources at

Youth Choir