Worship Assistants

You may know them as readers, greeters, acolytes, communion assistants or ushers. Maybe you are one of them – a worship assistant!

“On a really practical level, a worship assistant allows the pastor to have just that many less things to worry about during the worship service,” Pastor Pam Lange says. “Even more than that, it is really a delight to watch people who have that intimate, holy experience of serving other people during worship. Otherwise the pastors have that intimate, holy connection all to themselves.”

Families and individuals of all ages are invited to serve as worship assistants at Mount Carmel. If you would like to sign up as a reader, greeter, or communion assistant, please use the appropriate online signup link below. If you are interested in serving as an usher (as an individual or as a family!) or on our Communion Preparation Team, please contact Jaime Larson-McLoone, our Director of Ministry Development.

We use Signup Genius to schedule readers, greeters, and communion assistants. Please take a look at the links below, and sign up for services at which you wish to serve. If you haven’t served as a worship assistant in the past, please feel free to sign up anyway! Then call the church office at 414-771-1270 or email Jaime, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Reader signup
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Greeter signup
Greeting at Mount Carmel: Frequently Asked Questions

Communion assistant signup

Acolyte signup (confirmation families)

“O the Joy” musician signup

Thank you to all who serve our congregation!