Family Ministry

Helping families grow in their faith life together is what Mount Carmel Lutheran Church’s Family Ministry program is all about. The goal is to assist parents to be the primary faith builders in their children’s lives, with the church as support. Group Events, small groups, family service and educational opportunities, and a variety of resources are provided to meet this challenge. Mount Carmel is family-friendly!

We love having children in worship!

Yes, Mount Carmel has a nursery, but we want to be clear that all children are welcome in worship! We know it’s not easy; we know that sometimes it may feel as if everyone’s eyes are on you and your children. But we also feel that it’s so important for children to be present and to know that they are part of the body of Christ. We were inspired by the two articles below, and we hope you will be, too.

Dear Parents With Young Children in Church: What You Do Matters
Children in Church

JUMP Night

Join Us – Make Plans for the kids – ages 3 and up – to hang out here at church from 5 to 8 p.m. on the first Friday of every month. There are no fees. This is a ministry to families with young children. While adults go and do grown-up stuff, we’ll share a simple meal, play games and make friends together. If you haven’t JUMPed in yet, give us a try! Once a completed and current registration form is on file, families simply need to notify us in any particular month that their child(ren) will be attending. If you are an older student or adult with a little time to spare and some fun to share, Pastor Pam would love to have you join us for J.U.M.P., too.

Registration forms are available below in Word and PDF formats. Click here to let us know you’re coming to our next J.U.M.P. Night.

J.U.M.P. Registration Form (Word)
J.U.M.P. Registration Form (PDF)


The Splash! ministry provides monthly newsletters and a music CD for infants and their families from birth to age 2. Founded on the knowledge that faith formation begins at birth, Splash! provides activity-based resources designed to help parents nurture faith development at home.

Family Friendly Resources

  • Worship Bags are provided in the Gathering Space for our youngest members.
  • Davey and Goliath’s Devotions are provided to help families “bring church home.”
  • Family Ministry books are located in the mini-library in the southeast corner of Fellowship Hall. Books and videos help parents and grandparents through their lifelong journey of faith with their children.

Family Events

Family events such as Apple Orchard Trips, Family Fun or Game Nights, Craft or Card Making workshops, and ice or roller skating are periodically held so families can join in fellowship and fun.

Quilts of Love

Quilts of Love are a gift given to our graduating high school seniors by their families and members of the congregation. Parents and friends of high school seniors have an opportunity to create personalized quilt squares under the direction of capable volunteers at designated times during the school year. Other volunteers then assemble, layer, tie and bind the quilts. When completed, they are lovingly wrapped around the students by their parents during the Graduate blessing service in June as the prayers of the congregation go with them as they begin a new phase of their lives.

Family Camp

Mount Carmel families have enjoyed attending Family Camp at Imago Dei Village of Crossways Camps (near Clintonville), during August. Information about Family Camp and other Crossways Camping Ministries programs can be found at